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Top 20 Online Culinary Schools

Being a master of food is a wonderful and often, a life-changing experience. Anyone can cook but it takes a true professional to turn average ingredients into a five-star meal. It isn’t about fame or fortune but finding true passion; and it’s never too late to learn. The culinary arts aren’t just about preparing delicious tasting foods but also create new techniques. Online culinary programs can actually allow you to get a foot on the ladder. They can offer anyone the chance to get to understand the basics as well as get off to a flying start.

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Program

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts ProgramThis is one of the top online culinary schools in North America today. Le Cordon Bleu is able to offer a wide range of culinary arts programs and it gives students flexibility in their studies. There are three online courses, those are; Bachelor of Arts in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Manage, Associate of Occupational Studies in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Operations, and an Associate of Occupational Studies in Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality and Restaurant Management. These are wonderful starter courses and it opens the door to all students.

Stratford School for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Stratford is another top school in North America and it does offer a huge variety of culinary programs too. Students can choose from their Masters Degree and work their way up to their Advanced Culinary Arts Professional Diploma.

However, Stratford does offer this unique learning experience and allows everyone, no matter their skill level to learn. Everyone must know how good Stratford is simply because many former students have gone onto opening their own successful restaurants as well as being world-recognized names. There have even been students who’ve worked in the White House which is quite an achievement.Learn more from this website.

Penn Foster

Penn Foster is a remarkable school with a lot of excellent online culinary programs. Founded in 1890 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Penn Foster has become an institution for those who wish to learn about becoming a chef. There are some wonderful programs and courses here on offer even some catering courses which are perfect for those who want to get into the catering business. Of course, this course is just one example of the courses available however; it’s really an impressive option to consider.

Epicurious Online Cooking School

Epicurious Online Cooking SchoolNow, Epicurious might not seem a traditional school to learn about the culinary arts, however, it is very important. They work alongside the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America and it goes back to basics. It focuses on learning cuisine from around the world and that is wonderful. It not only looks at Mexican cooking and taking the classic meals and making them your own but also offers real tuition without requiring a certain skill level. This can be especially important for those who are new to cooking.

This is a wonderful little online school to admire. There are some lovely programs to enroll in from certification in baking and pastry to understanding healthy baking. has to be a top online culinary school to consider and even though it doesn’t offer dozens of courses, there is still an excellent selection of courses available. Those who wish to specifically get into the pastry or baking field, the courses here are perfect. There is even a nine month program which also covers management and business entrepreneurship that also combines culinary techniques. This school offers so much. focuses on teaching individuals to become better cooks. There are a lot of courses here to choose from for every skill level too from novice to expert. The sole focus is to really learn the key concepts of cooking with getting presentation perfect and preparing and creating new recipes with no additional help. Skills will be tested here but it’s going to be a great option for those who want to start improving their culinary skills. Many may not rate this as one of the top 20 online culinary schools however; it has to be because it offers good wholesome courses for those who know virtually nothing.

Top Chef University

Top Chef UniversityThis online school has been created by chefs who have taken part in the show Top Chef and are now professional chefs. That might not seem a lot and even though it’s not officially accredited, it may still be worth considering. Of course, official accreditation is vital for those looking to obtain a diploma; however, Top Chef University is still quite impressive. There are tests for every course taken and after successfully completing a course, will gain certification from Top Chef.

The Culinary Institute of Virginia College

Students enrolling for one of the culinary courses in Virginia College will find they need to have already formal training. The courses here are designed to help increase skill level and gain an associate degree. It isn’t for a novice looking to get a stepping stone into the culinary world; however, it is still a great option for you to consider if you have formal training. There are some great courses on offer including the Associates Culinary and Pastry Arts and it could be a good option if you want to look for more employment opportunities too.

The Keiser University

Keiser University offers great online programs for you to sink your teeth into. Though, every course they offer has been certified and accredited by the ACF – the American Culinary Federation – and includes an internship. Most of the course can be completed online, however, final tests need to be completed at a campus but for the majority, it’s all done online. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue and there are plenty of great courses to consider too. Principals of Food and Nutrition and Sensory Evaluation are just a few of the courses they are able to offer.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of PittsburghThis is one of the most recognized and highly accredited schools in North America and the world. For that reason, you probably already understand how good this school is and it does have a great range of courses too. The culinary Arts Management Degree which offers a Bachelor of Science is a perfect example of the quality on offer. However, the online culinary area is new yet it is still able to offer quality at every turn. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has been established for more than eighty years.

Sullivan University

The Sullivan University is a high regarded school. It doesn’t just specialize in culinary arts however; it does offer some great degrees in this area too. There is a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management as well as an Associate of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Sullivan University is quite impressive and it will help those looking to get onto the job market in the culinary field as well which can be very important. This University has many good programs and it’s a top school to consider for culinary arts.


This is a great self-teaching online culinary school. Instead of the traditional method, individuals get to learn at their own pace through videos and tutorials; however, everything is so detailed, that it’s like being in a classroom watching a tutor. The lessons are thorough at every step and the amount of skill novices can learn here is just wonderful. Rouxbe might not at first glance, appear to be a top online culinary school however; it is because it offers quality at every turn.continue reading here!

The Culinary Institute of America Pro-Chef Podcasts

The Culinary Institute of America Pro-Chef PodcastsAgain, the Culinary Institute of America Pro-Chef Podcasts might seem a little unorthodox in terms of studying buts it great. There are lots of great courses to look towards and the videos there will be excellent guides for many hoping to learn more and broaden their horizons too. Of course, the videos have been conducted by real professional CIA experts so you can be assured; the tutors know what they are talking about. This school and the programs associated with it are really for those looking for self-taught classes but even still, it’s a good option to consider today.

The New England Culinary Institute

The New England Culinary InstituteThis online culinary school is quite impressive because it allows those who have cooking experience to take their skills to the next level. It is always difficult to get from the level of average cook to professional chef; however, the New England Culinary Institute may be able to help. There are advanced Bachelor degrees available and if you want to improve your cooking skills, this is the place to aim for. Courses range from Advanced Food and Wine Pairing to Culinary Entrepreneurship so it does vary considerably. is quite innovative in so many ways, one being the fact; it allows cooks to learn at their own speed without the pressure. There are lessons for beginners, advanced cooks and professionals so there is truly something for everyone. There are recipes here to follow and learn as well as a lot of exercises to follow to help strengthen your cooking potential too. Skills will be greatly tested and that is the perfect part of – everyone, no matter their skill set, is sufficiently tested making them better chefs.

America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

America’s Test Kitchen Cooking SchoolThere are over one hundred different but effective culinary lessons to learn when choosing America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School. This might not be an accredited online program, however, it allows novices to get more knowledge and gain additional skills in the kitchen too. Let’s be honest, many think it’s just online accredited courses that will be useful, however, this school still offers a lot of educational studies. It has to be a top option to consider for online culinary schools for novices and beginners.

Indian Hills

Indian Hills is quite a useful option to have available to you when you want to broaden your knowledge of the culinary arts. If you were to choose here, you would find the online courses to be quite nifty, if not advanced. The techniques offered here is really good and modern without taking anything important from the lessons. Gaining an Associate of Arts is quite an achievement here and you will enjoy the courses available no matter what area of the culinary arts you wish to get to.

Johnson and Wales

This is a highly accredited online culinary school to choose from today. Johnson and Wales has been around for quite some time, yet, their refreshing courses are modern and easy to follow. Cooks and those looking to become professional chefs and gain valuable experience for the culinary field may enjoy the different courses offered here. There have been quite a few people who’ve gone onto do great things in the field of food so; this might be a good option to consider.

Chef certification.Com and the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute

This school is very impressive. The school will allow you to find the right course you need as well as get your ACF certification too. There are quite a few different courses for students to choose from and it has become very popular in recent times. You get to set your own schedules to learn which is a big advantage because many simply don’t have time to study at set times. This is why chef and the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute have become popular.

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

This program is quite unique in a sense. First of all, it is a fourteen week online program and for those who pass the course, will become certified as a culinary nutrition expert. The Academy of Culinary Nutrition could be a good school to look to especially if you are a coach. However, this school can also be great for those who want to work within the culinary field too. The course is simple yet effective and it can be a good learning curve for most too, especially for those looking to gain more experience in the culinary world.

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Online Culinary Schools Can Be Worth Choosing

When it comes to the culinary arts, there can be nothing better than culinary school. Online schools are the perfect way for novices to get their first step on the ladder as well as allow those who can’t use the traditional study method to learn from the comfort of home in their own time. Those points can be so important to remember because it’s difficult and often expensive to study however, online learning opens a new door. Learning is important but you always need to practice your skills to achieve success. Never give up!